Congress should stop attacking DeJoy and consider his plan to fix the Postal Service – WaPO editorial

LAST YEAR was a rough one for the U.S. Postal Service. Relentlessly bashed by then-President Donald Trump, the Postal Service landed in election-year controversy when Mr. Trump’s choice for postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, introduced cost-cutting measures that appeared to slow the flow of letters on the eve of a mail-in election. Mr. DeJoy rolled back some measures under pressure from Democrats in Congress, and the Postal Service delivered ballots successfully — but covid struck the postal work force with a wave of holiday packages, causing epic delays.
Oh, and the service lost $9.2 billion for fiscal 2020. All of the above heighten the urgency of stabilizing an institution whose function and finances were permanently disrupted by the Internet.
Now comes Mr. DeJoy with a 10-year plan to fix the Postal Service — and many Democrats, still fuming over last year’s events, are in no mood to listen. Several in the House have already unveiled a bill — sardonically named for the postmaster general — to block his proposals. Others believe that what the Postal Service really needs is for President Biden to appoint new board members who will get rid of Mr. DeJoy.

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