Concerns Raised on Compelling Postal Retirees to Enroll in Medicare

As both the House and Senate have begun hearings into another possible attempt to shore up the Postal Service’s finances, concerns have been raised about a new attempt to compel postal retirees to enroll in Medicare.

That provision has been in numerous proposals regarding USPS for years, none of which have come close to final approval despite financial troubles largely caused by the shift from standard mail to electronic messaging, offset only partly by growth in package delivery.

Currently, postal and other federal retirees who continue FEHB coverage in retirement—as the large majority do—have the option of enrolling in Medicare when they reach eligibility for that program, typically at age 65. Each program provides some coverage that the other doesn’t, but while the two coordinate coverage with Medicare acting as the first payer and FEHB as a supplement, there is no reduction in the premiums of either for having both.



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