March 24, 2023
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2 years ago

Your a friggin idiot if you don’t think that some radicals will destroy ballots they perceive coming from the opposite party of there preference.

In the insane state of California the return absentee ballot actually denotes your party in a barcode numericals sequence. Is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of and you know I guarantee carriers will be filtering some of those for the trash.

That ONE guy
Reply to  Thewolfe
2 years ago

you’re the friggin idiot…

secondly, how much are you guaranteeing, and how do us postal workers collect it?

Reply to  That ONE guy
2 years ago

Then explain why a package addressed to a specific city with the correct zip code was delivered to a city over 300 miles away from the correct destination. A package was delivered and was NEVER recovered by the USPS and denied it was delivered to the wrong city and address. Also why would a letter sent from one address to that same address take over 14 days to arrive?

Reply to  Ron
2 years ago

I can tell you will never get an answer on that one, lol. Funny and NOT funny!

Reply to  Ron
2 years ago

I was a letter Carrier.Some do throw away ballot’s.I have witnessed it,and other mail as well.