Columbus man demands answers after silver bar he was selling disappears in mail

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — They say every cloud has a silver lining, but one Columbus man is still looking for his. Gil Brano is missing more than $1,000 worth of silver somewhere in the United States Postal Service system, and after getting nowhere in trying to track it down, he decided, he better call Jackson.

“I am far from the only person that has come across this,” Gil Brano said. He was hoping to cross his palm with some silver last year by turning in a solid silver brick he owned into some liquid cash.

“I was hoping to use that money for a vacation,” Brano said.

Brano went through American Precious Metals Exchange based in Oklahoma City. The company was going to pay him about $1,472 in exchange for his silver.

“I was going to mail it insured from the post office because that is what the company told me to do,” Brano said.

Brano bought insurance with the USPS and sent the package on its way, but the silver never arrived.

“I thought I would get my money back because I had insured it,” Brano said.

Brano turned to USPS and they approved his insurance claim. However,  they later told him in a letter that, the maximum indemnity for negotiable items, like currency, is $15, except for registered .ail

“They sent me a check for $15,” Brano said.


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Kepp fighting…take it to your Congressional rep….answers will come then…

Typical Post Office. They talk out of both sides of their mouth.

It’s up to the customer to show how much the item was worth. You don’t just get the insurance you put on it with proving the value. They need to do a merchandise recovery search. This is why it is bad to not allow us to ask what is in the package? If we know more than we would be able to point the customer in the correct direction to send things of value.

Too cheap to send it registered!