Colorado Springs mail carrier recognized for helping woman who fell while walking dog

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – A Colorado Springs mail carrier is being recognized for his heroic delivery.

In October, Rockrimmon letter carrier William Barber II noticed one of his customers had fallen while walking her dog. Barber immediately called 911 and stayed with the woman, Mary Newman. until paramedics arrived.

Barber’s heroic actions earned him a letter of recognition from the Postmaster General for his observant and swift actions.

“Her daughter and son were very receptive,” Barber said. “They were glad I was there. They were very appreciative, and again like I told them, I don’t need any fanfare or anything like that. I just want everybody to do the same thing for everyone.”

Newman recently died, but her family credits Barber’s actions for helping them spend one more holiday season with her.

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