Coalition warns against U.S. Postal Service privatization

An alliance of consumer advocates, postal workers and community groups is pushing back against efforts by the Trump administration to overhaul the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) by eliminating the agency’s service requirements or by privatizing it.

Calling itself the “Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service,” the coalition on Jan. 6 plans to demand the USPS Board of Governors appoint a postmaster general who will “maintain a public postal service.” At a demonstration in Washington, D.C., the group will present the board with a petition with 350,000 signatures.

USPS announced in October that current Postmaster General and CEO Megan J. Brennan will retire Jan. 31.

“The postmaster general has wide powers to shape the mission of USPS and there is a real risk that Brennan’s successor could hand over parts of the service to private, profit-making corporations and prepare it for a wholesale sell-off,” the coalition’s petition states. “The people will rightly expect a new postmaster general who will uphold the Postal Service’s public mission and will work to preserve and enhance our national treasure.”


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I wonder if the members of this organization will support a major tax increase upon themselves to help fund the ever increasing taxpayer bailout of the USPS…put your money where your mouth is…. and don’t give the the healthcare prepayment BS….that check hasn’t been written in several years and the taxpayers are going to have to fund postal healthcare for retirees when it’s all said and done with anyway.

You must not work at the p.o. for you to spew lies like that. Republicans only think of money that’s why that want to privatize. And the health care does have alot to do with it. And bonuses that all the bosses get remember that!

I’m with ya brother!!!!… you’re preaching to the choir!!!…. I’m riding this gravy train just like you are….80 thou a year,  will buy a lot of beer!!!….. I’m going to be in the unemployment line behind you probably!…but this ride is about to crash and burn…. and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.

It’s funded for generation to come so get it right

Obviously you haven’t perused the latest GAO study on the matter….the retiree healthcare care is grossly underfunded…so keep drinking the kool-aid the postal brass and the union’s are serving.

Mr. Hunt is incorrigibly ignorant or just a liar. Either way, ignore him.

Randy….. I’m just stating facts that I’ve read on this website and I’m commenting on them…. what have I posted on here that are lies? …. Please enlighten me!

Shouldn’t these deadbeats who are protesting during a weekday be working?… I doubt they care enough about the postal service to take a vacation day to participate in this foolishness.

But it’s over anyways, ladies and gentlemen. Obama screwed the pooch by not filling the board vacancies and PMG Maggie couldn’t quit spending like a drunk sailor on shore leave.

It’s been a good run, but this gravy train is coming to an end.

Sorry Mike Hunt the USPS workers do not use any (zero) tax dollars. They are supposed by the sale of stamps and package sales. So the bottom line is YOU don’t know what you’re talking about!!!

OK Deeann… I agree the business model brought forward was to not use tax dollars and the postal brass still put out that propaganda for people like you who are still drinking the kool-aid…but the fact of the matter is that the postal service owes the US Treasury billions and only the American taxpayer can pick up that bill.

Mike Hunt, your clueless

Watch what happens Debbie…all the pieces of the puzzle are finally in place to break up this behemoth…. in 1984 people said the same thing about breaking up Ma Bell…but it happened.

And Debbie, please elaborate on why you think I’m clueless…this is a forum on which we can share our opinions… instead of insulting me, why don’t you put forth that energy in posting something constructive and with some substance.

Wanna bet?

I would bet you that certain segments of the postal mission will be served by private entities in the near future…how much I don’t know.

To Mike Hunt . What is driving your particular animus towards the post office? You are right that removing the pre funding won’t in and of Itself fix all the problems,but it will go a long way. Privatizing certainly is not the answer,nor is reduction of service. Government has spent billions bailing out auto industries,farmers,banks etc.Despite this fact you refuse to help fine tune an industry that drives trillions ,yes trillions in ripple effect commerce.An industry that employs over 500,000 individuals in well paying middle class jobs directly,and countless millions of jobs indirectly.One can only conclude that this animus is… Read more »

OK James, I get it. You believe subsidizing a postal service to the tune of billions a year is a core function of government.   Unfortunately, the politicians in power  at the moment,  disagree with that premise. They are looking to privatize certain segments of the postal service to private entities who have proven they can do it more efficiently. This in turn will help thwart the biggest taxpayer bailout in this countries history to date.   The postal service’s gross incompetence has left the Trump administration no other recourse. The jobs will still be there, but will be in… Read more »

I support privatization. Why? Because the USPS has a Management team which could care less about Fraud, Waste, and Abuse. I’ll add mismanagement too! The USPS wastes millions of dollars and allows HCR and CDS (contractors) to screw them out of tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions in extra trips. These managers are never fired and the dishonest contractors continually have their contracts renewed. Check out the USPS audit report on Contract Costs. Keep in mind, the OIG left out the fraud and scams run by contractors.

I agree Scott. The postal service has left the Trump administration no other recourse but to shut down this dysfunctional government agency …. If you read this website, you’re aware of the waste, fraud and general incompetence by postal management on a daily basis. And as an employee of the postal service I see it on a daily basis….The postal service wants to promote itself as a business, but it is light years from acting like one.  The profit motive is absent, therefore you do not have the “invisible hand” guiding employees in their quest for profit maximization. As put… Read more »