City again seeks relief from new postal cluster box mandate

WOBURN – City leaders last week again urged local post office officials to exempt new Garvey Road homeowners and other approved subdivisions from new centralized mailbox regulations.

Last Wednesday, Mayor Scott Galvin joined with City Council President Michael Anderson, Ward 5 Alderman Darlene Mercer-Bruen, and Planning Board Chairman David Edmonds to ask new Woburn Postmaster John Wood to reconsider enforcement of a 2018 policy that requires the installation of cluster box units (CBUs) at new multi-unit housing developments.

Without relief from that order, municipal leaders worry that new homeowners in as many as 11 subdivisions scattered across the city will be deemed ineligible for mail delivery services.

“We are writing to you with great concern about the impacts some of our residents are experiencing as a result of a recently-enacted USPS mail delivery policy. We are appealing to you for a reversal of a decision recently made by Officer-in-Charge Anthony Lacesse that has implications citywide,” the city officials stated.

The letter, dated April 10, is being sent as US Postal Service (USPS) managers have refused to deliver mail to a handful of new East Woburn residents on Garvey Road until a CBU is installed at the development.

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