Chicago woman Finds 19 Postal Service Packages In Trash

CHICAGO — A U.S. Postal Service mail carrier delivered a pile of packages to a Mt. Greenwood woman’s trash can Tuesday.

While taking out the garbage around 3 p.m., Suzanne Walsh discovered 19 shipping envelopes from retailers that should have been delivered to folks in neighboring Evergreen Park tossed in her trash bin near 105th and Trumbull.

“I’m a 27-year FedEx retiree. My first reaction was, ‘Oh, come on. They can’t throw away mail,” Walsh said.

Garbage day was Monday, so whoever discarded the packages did it in the last 24 hours, Walsh said. News travels fast in Mt. Greenwood Facebook circles, where Walsh posted a photo of the found packages on her kitchen table. About an hour after she found the packages, Walsh got a call from Ald. Matt O’Shea, who says his office gets complaints about mail delivery in the 19th Ward almost every day.


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Not surprising for a city that carried Biden at like 130% of the register voters

What a moronic reply. Trump was the one trying to destroy the post officewas he not?

Exactly! Blame this shit on Trump dismantling the Post Office while trying to rig the election.

Go home douche bag

It’s more like the fact that DeJoy, who Trump appointed, is a complete failure at his job. Purposely trying to keep ballots from being delivered so Trump had a better chance of winning. I don’t vote. I don’t get into politics…but I do see the facts for what they are.

Your moronic, racist, sociopathic president lost by a wide margin and the only fraud found so far was trump supporters trying to cast their dead relatives’ ballots. Get over it and stop whining.

Yes, the residents definitely should have voted for the same person to stay in charge of the Post Office if they wanted change.

Seen the update, so much for the 27 year retired FrdEx narrative. It turns out that it was FedEx smartpost which someone from FedEx dumped. Probably to avoid the line at the post office loading dock

We will get that mess from the last 4 years cleaned up for ya

Trying to use facts on Trump supporters is a waste of time. They probably think Hillary is head of mail delivery and Alex Jones is postmaster. Final count puts Joe Biden up by EIGHT MILLION hard-earned votes. That’s called a landslide.