Chattanooga USPS location temporarily suspends retail operations, cites “safety reasons”

A Chattanooga USPS location has suspended retail operations “due to safety reasons,” weeks before Christmas.

On Friday, the postal service announced the South Chattanooga, TN, Post Office, located at 1101 West 40th Street has temporarily halted retail services.

The P.O. box in the lobby will remain available 24 hours.

USPS issued a statement about the closing, which said:

“The U.S. Postal Service is an integral part of the fabric of our nation.  We serve every residence and business in America. When unforeseen events occur, the Postal Service rapidly responds in order to reconnect our customers with their mail and retail services as quickly as possible. In this instance, due to impacts caused by safety concerns, temporary measures were implemented at the South Chattanooga Post Office.  The patience of our customers and employees is appreciated during the ongoing effort to successfully resolve this situation.”

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