Charlotte NC – FFV Fire

The carrier said he turned the heat on and smoke started coming out of the vents. He dismounted to take a parcel to the door and by the time he got back to the truck there was flames coming out of the vents.


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Here’s an idea if they care about our safety I hear they can get some Kidde fire extinguishers cheap to carry with us .

got another one ready to run up under it….

Another one? Sheesh!

a new model with a sun roof or for this time of year, a moon roof

FFV fire, weird..

I agree. Usually they have been LLVs.

Yes, never seen an FFV burned. FFVs are awesome. Got to use them in Montana in some pretty adverse conditions.

Jackie Garzia Kinker

Wow! Glad it wasn’t my mail!?


I saw the video and know the carrier. That was one intense fire!!

Sooooo did the heat ever get hot ?? Death traps

Holy hell even the newer vehicles are catching fire. WTF?!!!!

One of these days….an Amazon package will burn….and then shit will hit the fan

Another one bites the dust.

I drive an FFV and mine about caught fire a month ago. Some wires were hanging out under the steering column and was shooting sparks and smoking I took it back to the Post Office immediately..i started throwing packages out like a mad woman. Lol

Fires are caused by worn out wire harness for headlights they know but don’t fix