Cellphone videos show overflowing mailboxes in parts of DC and Montgomery County

Concerns about the mail have been high for many months now since reports that the U.S. Postal Service was scaling back in overtime and was also removing sorting equipment.

Mail collection boxes are also an issue with some within the District and parts of Maryland, found to be overflowing.

FOX 5 viewer Megan Henley Kinney of Bethesda shot cellphone video of two different locations and shared them with us.

Kinney said, the mail at the Westlake post office located in Bethesda, was supposed to be collected by 3:30 p.m Saturday afternoon but people’s mail continued to pile up until at least Monday morning.

“So I went inside and the two inner boxes were packed too so I just kept my postcards with me and went back home,” Kinney explained.

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Because they just scan that mail was collected.More postal fake scans and numbers.Trump is right postal management is the worst.

How does someone know what time a mail box is supposed to be collected. The service just announces that it will be after X time and that local station is responsible to see it gets on the dispatch truck. The 3:30 on the tag only means anything you drop before 3:30 should be on that truck

Y’all had apprx 340 days to send or receive yer holiday crap. Now yer cryin’ when YOU overburden a “system ” that is not designed or capable to process & deliver those items in 12 days.