CDC Panel Designates USPS Workers as Next in Line for COVID-19 Vaccine

Postal Service employees will be in the second group of Americans to receive the COVID-19 vaccine under a new distribution plan recommended by a federal advisory panel this week.

Postal Service employees are now slated to be in Phase 1b of vaccine distribution, as part of 49 million individuals older than 75 or part of the non-health care frontline essential workforce. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices made its recommendation in a 13-1 vote, noting USPS workers were part of a group “critical to the functioning of society.”

USPS employees are part of the frontline workforce that has higher exposure rates to COVID-19 and are overrepresented by demographic groups that have been worst affected by the pandemic, ACIP said. Eighteen percent of postal employees are Black, 20% are Latino and at least 15% are more than 60 years old.

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Hopefully this is true . Never got hazard pay , only watered down hand sanitizer.

Never even got a thank you while the IRS employees got a 25% bonus for simply opening the mail because it was considered “high risk”

Will people be sent to the post office to give shots or will we have to go get shot at the doctors office. Will we be given time off to receive the shot.