Carrier charged with stealing mail in Silver Spring

Montgomery County police arrested a United States Postal Service mail carrier earlier this month after they say he stole mail on his route in Silver Spring starting in March 2019.

Lorenzo E. Pugh, 32, of Greenbelt, stole mail while making deliveries on his mail route, including two coins worth a total of $2,900, police said.

Police said in a press release Friday afternoon that they determined that Pugh was the culprit after investigating the theft of the coins starting on Jan. 2.

After police received a call from Bonanza Coins at 940 Wayne Ave. on Jan. 2, they said, the owner told them the coins’ owner emailed other coin shops, asking them to look out for the coins. The owner said the coins had been sold and shipped to a buyer, but not received, and were reported lost to the Postal Service, according to police.


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