Carr, CO post office closes after failed air quality test, speculations about meth operations arise

A failed air quality test at the U.S. Postal Office located in Carr resulted in the office’s temporary closure as rumors of meth operations causing a fire on the property spread through the town.

Talk began circulating among the residents of Carr, a small town less than 30 minutes away from Cheyenne, Wyoming, about drug operations after a shed on the property of the town’s post office caught fire a few months ago.

James Boxrud, a communications specialist for USPS, said towards the end of May he received information from the postmaster about these rumors and reports. In response, the Postal Service sent a team to investigate the incident for the safety and protection of the customers and staff.

The inspection service team performed an an air quality test on the site, which failed and resulted in the closure of the post office.

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