Can Shipping Alcohol Save The Post Office?

Online alcohol sales, during the pandemic, have surged. The U.S. Postal Service’s fortunes, during the same time, cratered. What if alcohol delivery could save the U.S Postal Service?

A Nov. 2020 report by IWSR Drinks Market Analysis found that online alcohol shopping spiked that year, with nearly half (44%) of consumers new to booze e-commerce. As a result, IWSR forecast that the American booze e-commerce market’s value grew by 80% in 2020, with sales across ten major markets predicted to top $24 billion.

Stay-at-home lockdown orders last spring opened up a new shift in post-Prohibition legislation. For the first time in decades, states relaxed liquor board rules preventing both in-state and out-of-state booze delivery.

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If there is anything that will increase revenue, the post office does not want the business. It would just get destroyed, anyway. Mail gets torn up daily, and supervisors turn their heads.