Can Biden fire US Postmaster General Louis DeJoy?

Democrats and policy groups have called for the ouster of U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, the agency leader at the epicenter of controversies over postage rates, delivery times, mail-in ballots, electric fleet vehicles and alleged conflicts of interest. Can President Joe Biden remove him?

This month, more than 80 public interest groups led by The Save The Post Office Coalition sent a letter to Biden, calling on his administration to nominate Postal Board of Governors candidates who will hold DeJoy accountable for his “destructive leadership” and advocate for the expansion of USPS services.


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I think Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is doing a good job and is trying to make the USPS profitable again. This will take time and sometime bold moves. If you want to save the USPS you cannot just throw money at it; the USPS has to change the way it does everything to make sure it’s around in the 22nd century.