Campbell Man Claims Area Postal Workers Fudging Records to Hide Deteriorating Service

CAMPBELL (KPIX) — A Campbell man claims the United States Postal Service is breaking the law and he said he has the evidence to prove it.

“It has one job, get us mail,” said Larry Schwarz.

Schwarz, who has lived at his home since the 1990s, said the problems with the USPS have become worse over the years.

According to Schwarz, the USPS said it had attempted to deliver a package at his home on August 11, 2020 at 7:25 p.m. Schwarz said surveillance camera recordings, which are time stamped and were obtained by KPIX, show that no one attempted to make a delivery at his home.

The video, however, shows an Amazon worker pulling up in a van and having no problem accessing the home to deliver a package less than ten minutes prior.

“It’s a regular residential street, there’s plenty of parking, they could’ve easily accessed it,” Schwarz said. “Then, this past Saturday, a package was supposed to come and they just marked it as ‘delivered.’ I didn’t actually get it until yesterday.”

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All USPS Managers are instructed and trained to fudge reports especially when Amazon is involved to make it appear that deliveries are made on time.

I have been told the same thing as to what Clayton says above. Local management doesn’t want to get in hot water so they fudge it to cover their backside.