Calls Mount For President Biden To Shake Up Postal Service’s Leadership

It’s been a rocky few months for the U.S. Postal Service.

Numerous lawsuits were filed over the post office’s handling of mail-in ballots during November’s elections. Then came the holiday season, and customers became frustrated by backlogs that meant their Christmas cards and packages weren’t delivered until January.

Among those frustrated is Rep. Bill Pascrell, D-N.J., who says cards his office sent to constituents on Dec. 1 are still arriving at homes in his district.

Pascrell says enough is enough.

“It would seem to me that if we shrink the trust of the post office any more, there won’t be any post office left to trust,” he says. “So we need to do something that’s strong. It’s time to clean the house. And that’s what I’m recommending.”

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Honestly, I am on the same page. Mailed a package December 15, 2020 and still awaiting arrival. One message says it was out for delivery January 15, 2021 and another says January 15, 2020 in transit. Filed 2 complaints and still waiting. I have been very patient, but this is not a small letter that could have been lost; it was a rather large box filled with Christmas gifts. I understand delays but…. It is very frustrating since I really can do nothing, you could blame the election, the virus, lack of personnel but there is no excuse for this.… Read more »

USPS has quality issues because the routes are too long, and people abuse Covid leave. A route that is 10 hrs on the street is too difficult to cover, if half the office is out on sick leave. The 8hr list people do not help much at covering routes. The 40 hr option needs to be removed for regulars. USPS tries to work non-career employees like slaves to make up for people leaving at 4. Also why are we accepting a ridiculous amount of marketing mail in a pandemic?