Businesses Launch Legal Fight to Prevent USPS Price Hikes

Big users of the U.S. Mail, who already are upset about slow service, are asking a federal court to block hefty postage increases they expect to be announced next month and implemented this summer.
The organizations, which represent commercial mailers, printers and nonprofit groups, last week asked the federal appeals court in the District of Columbia to impose a stay on the implementation of new rules that permit postage increases, pending a full review.
They argued that the Postal Regulatory Commission, an oversight body, exceeded its authority in November when it granted new pricing powers to the U.S. Postal Service.
The petitioners, led by the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers, said they fear the Postal Service will raise postage prices by 5.5% to 9% this year for letters, magazines, catalogs and other items, which they said could raise postage costs by more than $2 billion annually.

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Let’s overwhelm carriers with junk mail in a pandemic with a skeleton crew!