Buffalo letter carriers create paw print warning signs

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) — U.S. Postal workers versus aggressive dogs. Mail carriers here in Buffalo have created a dog bite prevention program they’re hoping goes national. This comes as a local family fights to keep their pit bull alive after he bit a delivery person.

Some people post ‘beware of dog’ signs on their front of their homes. But letter carriers in Western New York are taking it one step further to protect against dog attacks.

“It’s a serious thing. It effects our families. It effects the post office financially and it’s just not a good situation when someone gets hurt,” said Zakary Darlak, U.S. Postal worker.

Darlack has been delivering mail in Buffalo for six years. He has a route on the city’s east side. He says a letter carrier in Corfu has created a program and Buffalo is first in the nation to start it by placing orange and yellow paw stickers on mail boxes.

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So what’s new? Letter Carriers have always had to do the work and do the job for the incompetent management at the USPS! Always