Boxes of delayed Lehigh Valley mail sitting in Scranton as part of USPS ‘sabotage,’ Casey says

Sabotage of the United States Postal Service by the Trump Administration includes truckloads of delayed mail from the Lehigh Valley sorting facility sitting in Scranton, U.S. Sen. Bob Casey said Tuesday.

The photos from postal workers in Northeastern Pennsylvania show huge boxes of priority mail that was re-routed because of capacity issues at the facility in Hanover Township, Lehigh County, Casey’s office said.

The photos taken Sept. 25 at the Scranton facility are part of approximately 30 to 35 large mail containers filled with priority mail, some dating back to Sept. 17, for nine Northeastern Pennsylvania zip codes, Casey said.

As of Monday, there were at least five tractor-trailer loads of delayed mail sent from the Lehigh Valley facility to Scranton, the senator said.


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This has been going on for at least thirty years they must think there is a mail count going on