Both USPS Management, Employees Fell Short in Pandemic Response, Says IG

Actions the Postal Service took at the outset of the pandemic “likely saved lives and certainly increased employee safety,” but both the agency and individual employees could have done more, an inspector general audit has said.

The report is one of the first thorough looks at how federal agencies responded to the pandemic and is likely to be followed by many more, since numerous IGs have said they are conducting such audits in response to a request from the House government operations subcommittee.

The IG credited the USPS with steps that were common across agencies such as requiring employees to wear face coverings where a state or local mandate was in place and social distancing couldn’t be achieved, requesting customers to do the same, more frequent cleaning of work areas, and establishment of a supplies center to monitor daily inventories of personal protective equipment. For employees, it allowed liberal use of leave, established a contact tracing program and set standards for returning to work after exposure.

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Please make sure all offices have soap and water and some way to disinfect surfaces at our office I have been purchasing soap for bathroom no wipes or bleach to disinfect management needs to stop a clerk in office from stealing our supplies help it’s been months I’m done purchasing soap for entire office

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Take out all of his( explosive) language and he IS right. Whoever cut the deal with Amazon is setting on their own island enjoying the payoff while postal workers are really suffering and the whole post office( as a business) is suffering.