Blood-smeared mail delivered in Allegany area

ALLEGANY — For the second time in four years, residents of the area have received envelopes, packages and other mailed items stained with blood from a U.S. Postal Service carrier.

An Allegany resident of North Nine Mile Road, who asked not to be named, told the Times Herald Monday that he and other neighbors on the road received mail smeared with blood on a couple of occasions.

The Allegany resident said he and his neighbors reportedly had experienced other inappropriate incidents with the driver in the past.

“All this stuff is just kind of secondary,” he said. “On Friday when everybody got their mail it was covered in blood.” The same thing happened again Saturday.

The man said he and others contacted the Allegany Post Office, but received no satisfaction regarding the issue. He also contacted the New York State Police as well as U.S. Rep. Tom Reed’s office.


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