Biden-Sanders unity task force calls for Fed, US Postal Service consumer banking

A task force set up by former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to bridge policy divides within the Democratic Party on Wednesday called for the creation of a government-run banking system set up through the Federal Reserve and U.S. Postal Service.

The Biden-Sanders “Unity Task Forces” unveiled Wednesday an extensive list of policy recommendations crafted by advisors and allies of Biden — the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee — and Sanders, who was the final remaining challenger before endorsing the former vice president in April.

Those recommendations proposed by the economy-focused Unity Task Force included the creation of a vast new public banking infrastructure intended to expand access to basic financial services without the use of private-sector companies.

“Democrats will support and encourage Congressional efforts to guarantee affordable, transparent, trustworthy banking services for low- and middle-income families, including bank accounts and real-time payment systems through the Federal Reserve and easily accessible service locations, including postal banking,” the task force wrote.

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Sounds like a great idea. In an the history of the United States EVERYTHING set up and run by the government is helpful and very efficient! /SARC OFF only Dimocrats would come up with this. In 10 years it would be 5 trillion in debt, everyone in America would hate to have to call the 800 number and it would take 6 months for anything to get done that you requested. Just say NO to government overreach and trying to nationalize things that work just fine without it. NOTHING the government touches is efficient But that’s what Democrats want.. more… Read more »

I wouldn’t use this service and I work there. Let the postal service fail so you can get rid of union contacts that pay people for not working through grievance arbitration system that is broken. Aberrations have paid 49 million to clerk over USPS post plan. Carrier unions are raking in 100 million a year for free work. These unions are run by thugs and cost the service billons… End this madness

You would be working for peanuts if not for the union. It is the PO that violates the contract that they sign off on.

No need for ID to vote. Would be same for checks cashed????