Biden Promises Cash Infusion, End of Prefunding Mandate for USPS

Former Vice President Joe Biden vowed to work with Congress to boost funding for the U.S. Postal Service if he is elected president and to eliminate its longstanding requirement to prefund health care benefits for future retirees.

The Democratic nominee for president condemned President Trump’s handling of postal issues, saying his opponent “attacked” USPS and flirted with privatizing the mailing agency. Biden said efforts to damage the Postal Service would stop under his administration, as he would push for reforms to put the cash-strapped agency on a firmer financial footing.

A Biden administration would also advocate a slowing down of rate increases at USPS, the candidate told the National Association of Postal Supervisors in a response to a survey it sent to the presidential nominees. The Trump campaign did not respond to the survey. Biden’s ability to influence policy on postal operations would be limited, as those decisions are made by its board of governors or dictated by Congress. The president does appoint members to that board, however, and Biden said he would “enhance” USPS with “ethical” leadership by filling current vacancies. The board lost its quorum in 2014 during the Obama administration, which persisted until 2019.

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Promises and more promises. And, during his entire 47 years in public office not once did Biden do anything for the Postal Service. Now, he wants to stop prefunding mandate the required Health Benefits for retirees. That sounds like we retirees will be dependant on the Federal Government for funding to cover our health benefits. Biden had 47 years to do something, but now he wants to fix all of the problems he helped to create. No ThankYou Mr. Biden !!!!

Well Robert Forrest,

There is not a company in the entire world, be it Federal, State, Local or private that has to prefund Health Benefits for 50 years. That is totally unreasonable and insane. If the Posstal Service did not have to put out that unreasonable prefunding it would have a very large profit annualy.

Too bad senile Joe doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning

I’d rather have a senile than a lying con man, no respect for life idiot.

The sheep are not buying this one Joe..

Poor Creepy Joe

Joe Biden will keep my postal career going for the 7 years I need to retire! Dejoy can go be Trumps logistics expert at Mira Largo