Beware of New Scam Using USPS Name, Citing Delivery “On Hold”

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) says that customers should be aware of email scams that are circulating that say you have a delivery “on hold.”

The scammers send an official-looking email complete with US Postal Service logos that say you have a package that can’t be delivered because of an insufficient address.  Next they ask for a small amount of money to “re-deliver” your package.  Then they’ll ask for credit card information – after that has been entered, a screen will pop up, asking for your date of birth and social security number to “verify and protect” your identity.

Don’t fall for it!  It is a scam.  Often if you look closely, you will find that the email address sending the scam email isn’t from the USPS at all.  In some cases, the email address is based in the United Kingdom.  Obviously, the United States Postal Service won’t be using an email address based in another country.

The USPS has clarified that they and their officials will not reach out to customers to ask for money or personal information.

Emails with subject lines such as “Delivery Failure Notification” could include a link which, when clicked, activates a virus to steal personal information such as passwords or financial details.

The Postal Service does not alert customers of package delivery attempts via email, and for that matter, customers should never give personal information out over email.

If you receive such a notice, simply delete it.

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Same thing happened to me yesterday I hit reply all to see where it was going to go and it said US PS and then send to
And I can prove it

I got this too. I clicked on the usps logo and it took me to some canadian celluar phone company named bell. I was scared thinking it was one of my packages getting delayed but I didn’t click on the other link i checked all my order tracking # it didn’t match. I started think it was fake cause here the USA we just call it packages and countries such as UK and Australia call packages parcel. It definitely tricked me but i learned my lesson not to click anything i find suspicious. Glady i did not enter any personal… Read more »

I received a package in the mail opened it three CDs in it dates on the CDs it says call recordings no return address is this a scam because I have no idea who is in my CD player there’s no audio so I’m throwing them away

I just got one of these in my inbox. I happen to be waiting for a package to be delivered to my son who is out of state, thinking this was regarding his package, I opened the email and filled out the address and phone info, I looked at the ship date and info in the email. I had not ordered anything on March 2, 2020. I started getting suspicious, I couldn’t access the help tab or any other tab across the top. Thankfully I didn’t submit any bankcard info, but they may have my address and phone! I like… Read more »

I too clicked reply and they will not like my reply. I did see where they ask for bank information so I backed out as I knew from start I was never missing a package. I order from 1 place only. I keep good records. They are after everyones TAX RETURNS too bad they do not know ahead of time who for 100% sure is and isnt getting them cause I cant file. Waste of thier time. I am on SSI..

I recieved a email in my box today. I am home almost 24/7 so I knew this was a bold faced lie. I also know how to check the address and seen it was a regular email address. I am assuming we will be recieving many Calls,email scams or however these people think they can Dip into peoples Bank accounts since its TAX TIME and that 1400 plus Biden money is due anyday now. These people are in LOVE with money and want YOURS..

I also got this email and was worried because I had just sent a package out for return. This article says that even when you click the link it could cause viruses so I’m a little worried about that because I tried clicking the link many times but it would only come up with a red screen saying that the website was a scam. Good thing I researched to see what was going on. The day before it did not say scam so i’m glad I didn’t put any information in on that day.

I just receive the same BS here, too. You’d have to be an idiot to follow through with something this ridiculous!

What should you do if you did fill out the info and submit?

I just received one this morning and I’m in Australia . I just deleted the email.
I do hope no one gets caught out.

Another SCAM is…

You will receive a postcard via USPS mail with wording – Notice of Parcel on hold, Parcel Tracking Notice, etc).

This postcard will include a different phone number each time – scammers keep changing their phone number.

In Nevada these are connected to “water softener” scams.

Report phone number as a scammer, report to Postal inspector, file a BBB complaint, etc.

I got an email and I am waiting for 2 packages. I click and gave info but did not give my SSN. Then it wanted my back info I exited and directly called USPS. Then googled and found this. Stay Diligent my friends

A form of this scam is still circulating as of Jan 24 2022.

Make that March 5, 2022.


Received this today March 16, 2022 via SMS.

We were unable to ship your parcel, to redeliver your parcel please confirm the settlement of 1.99 at https://usps-myparcel-redelivery

took off the .com piece so it’s not an active link.

There have to be 20 or more ads running on Facebook right now that all claim to be the USPS. Their websites claim to be USPS and use the USPS logo. On their “about” pages, they show a picture of a USPS location in New York. I have complained to Facebook, but it makes no difference. The postal inspectors website is useless also since it requires me to fill out a long form with more info about me and less about the people running the scam. I have done research and found that most all the website domains were just… Read more »

Got the same notice in my text messages today. Beware!
URL says “”

I actually got this in a text message with a link, as soon as I saw that it wanted my ssi # I knew it was a scam

i got a text message yesterday saying my package could not be delivered and to check my zip code , when i clicked the linked first it asked for my address, then when i clicked next it asked for my credit card information for a “redelivery fee” which was 3.99 i searched it up because when i went to click the link again my phone alerted me that it might have been a unsafe website so i search it up and it was right, thank you so much

I got a tex messagetoday saying that my package delivery info got torn and they sent me a pic of the package and it said it needed all my imfo and wanted to charge me from 1 dollar to 5 dollars for a delivery holding fee but I think its a scam and I didn’t give my imfo

Another scam is a text message with a link to

Got that. And I could click all of the links including “Contact Us” as if it were really USPS. Glad I only input my husband’s office address for billing. No home address or credit card info. Glad I verified here it was a scam. Credit Card is always the dead giveaway

SMS today: Express delay notice, your courier cannot be delivered until the address is updated.
With a link from: uspexports

I didn’t click. It seemed vague and fishy.

Watch out folks! They’re still at it. I just got a text saying that my parcel wasn’t delivered due to a “problem with the unit number”. I had just sent my daughter a parcel and actually did have a problem with her unit number …so they caught may attention, but the tracking number didn’t match and when they wanted a fee for delivery plus personal info, I smelled rotten phish.

I received a text from phone number (855) 599-2025 saying that “Your address information does not match your zip code, so the package cannot be delivered. Please revise.” It then gives a link to

The link takes you to what looks like the US Postal Service website ( but you aren’t at You are still on They’ll ask for your address and eventually for more money/credit card to deliver the package.

I got two text from “USPS” for an address reconfirmation the message is ” Your package cannot be delivered due to the wrong address, please update the address in time” . I have been waiting for a package so I though maybe this could be it. When I click the link to confirm my address I get prompted next to confirm my credit card info for a $3 re-delivery fee. The website looked real and even provided a tracking number This seemed strange so I called USPS Customer service but when I give them the tracking number that was provided… Read more »

I too have previously received several of these emails one came today; September 21, 2022. I receive daily notifications from USPS via Informed Delivery. Compared the two emails and the scam email included tm in the sender name, this prompted me to research the difference via google and led me to this site. Thanks for providing this information!