Beware Federal Employees: Mandatory Medicare First Step to Eliminating FEHB Coverage for Retirees?

Postal reform legislation may impact the rest of the federal workforce by changing Medicare eligibility and increasing FEHB costs.

As is often the case in Congressional bills, the bill’s title does not reveal the real impact of the proposal. In this case, “Postal reform” legislation has been introduced in the House of Representatives. The title is accurate but the real impact may be the potential to increase health care premiums for federal employees and retirees enrolled in Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) plans. The legislation could also turn out to be the first step in removing federal retirees from the FEHB.

The full title of the bill (HR 3076) is The Postal Service Reform Act of 2021. It was introduced by the House Committee on Oversight and Reform Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY). The bill has five co-sponsors from both parties and appears to have a decent chance of passing in the House.


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Why is it that the retirees always get the shaft?

Employees that have already retired should still have that choice of whom they want for medical coverage. Future retirees have no choice but to take what is offered.Again the working class is sold out, thanks for nothing.