Beloved post office in Bridal Veil closes after vandalism, leaving wedding invites in the lurch

“It’s — cozy,” postal clerk Tara Stiller said in 2015. “That’s a nice way to describe it.”

It is a nice way to describe it, but it’s not accurate anymore.

A Christmas Eve break-in and vandalism at the 110-square-foot post-office building in Bridal Veil, Oregon, has forced its indefinite temporary closure. Mail is being forwarded to the Corbett Post Office, according to reports.

This is a serious blow to the tiny former lumber town, where wedding-related mail — soon-to-be-joined couples want the postmark on their invites to read “Bridal Veil” — has been pretty much its only business for years. Bridal Veil is listed on a national ghost towns reference site.

The last mill in the Columbia River Gorge burgh shut down more than 30 years ago, and the remaining residents packed up and left. Only a few of Bridal Veil’s buildings remain, now mostly owned by the federal government.


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