Belmont residents ask community post office to clean up

Bronx residents in Belmont want their community post office to clean up its act.

They say garbage and debris litter the fencing of the surrounding postal property on East 188th Street. “It’s a sign of people not caring,” a resident told News 12.

Residents tell News 12 the garbage has been there for months and that it’s rarely cleaned up, leading to more mounds of trash and debris. They say the location would be better served if there were more garbage cans on the corners.

A spokesperson from the United States Postal Service tells News 12 that a contractor empties out the dumpster once a week and the postal maintenance staff is responsible for daily cleaning of the property.

USPS says it’s working to address the issue. “Postal staff are working to ensure we maintain a clean environment for employees and the public,” a statement said. “Additional management instructions will focus on preventing any future issues.”


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Oh BS our office is dirty inside and out it’s called postal management,,,, or PM who dosent care and is crooked as they come