Bay Area postal workers rally to highlight ‘over-the-top’ workload as holidays approach

With the crush of holiday shopping and shipping fast approaching, some Bay Area postal workers rallied Tuesday to draw attention to what they called chronic understaffing and widespread fatigue after a year of sustained demand for delivery services.

Since the start of the pandemic, Bay Area post offices have seen a 42% increase in packages as virus-wary shoppers began receiving everything from groceries to medications by mail. Now, postal workers say the coming months are shaping up to be the busiest in memory as many people continue opting for e-commerce in lieu of in-person shopping.

Post offices have been operating at holiday-season levels for much of the year, dealing with a pandemic that has seen thousands of postal workers out sick or in quarantine, an election carried out largely by mail and a once-in-a-decade census.

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And regular rural carriers get salary so if u r out twelve hours u get the same pay to go from 150 to 300 packages a day come on