Bay Area man gets no extra jail time for punching mailman

SAN FRANCISCO — A South San Francisco man who attacked a mailman during an altercation last year received no extra jail time, after his attorney argued the risk of contracting COVID-19 in jail was too great, and offered her client’s account of the incident.

Jaime Antonio Alvarado, 40, is “deeply remorseful for escalating the exchange to violence” and recognizes he let his anger get the best of him, his attorney said, but added there was more to the November 2019 incident than prosecutors had described. Alvarado was arrested after he punched a mailman, allegedly giving the victim, “a black eye and swelling on his face, neck, and shoulder.”

Prosecutors say that the day of the incident, the mailman noticed Alvarado poking his daughter in the chest during an argument and asked the young woman if she was okay; Alvarado responded with a threatening string of profanities and ended up throwing several punches, knocking the mailman out.

But Alvarado’s attorney, Sophia Whiting, said that Alvarado and his daughter were having an intense emotional conversation, that the mailman mistook for an argument.

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