Authorities investigating mailbox explosion in Shawnee

Authorities are investigating after someone blew up a community mailbox over the Fourth of July holiday.

Residents said they heard a boom around 2 a.m. The next morning they found the mailbox destroyed.

Resident Sheri Garner took pictures of the damaged mailbox, showing the side of it blown off.

Garner said that with the amount of force, it is lucky no one was hurt.

“I don’t think people think about when they are out having fun, think that people could get hurt and they could have been harmed badly. Had I been out walking when it exploded, I would have been hurt; it was one of those things that it was just too close,” Garner said.

The U.S. Postal Service has replaced the mailbox.

The case has been assigned to a detective, but so far there have been no active leads.


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