Audit: Richmond District postal units plagued by delivery delays, unresolved complaints

Delayed deliveries and poorly handled complaints have plagued 1 out of 5 delivery units in the United States Postal Service’s Richmond District and led to more than $3 million in overtime payments during a two-year span, according to a new audit issued by its Office of the Inspector General.

The audit, initiated in August and completed this month, identified the problems in 16 of the 74 postal units making up the Richmond District, a swath that includes more than 1 million delivery points, according to the report.

The 16 specific units or areas where the findings stemmed from were redacted in the audit; a spokeswoman for the Postal Service declined to provide them, citing an exemption in federal open records law.

The audit came in response to customer complaints that mail was “not delivered, tampered with, damaged and mis-delivered,” according to the report.


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