Audio – Postal Service receives high praise from Gen Z’ers

So the Office of Inspector General, we surveyed the mail and packages that Gen Z’ers both send and receive. So two thirds of Gen Z’ers sent a greeting card or postcard at least several times a year. So this is seasonal on a special occasional basis.

They also report receiving different types of mail and also packages from items they ordered online. So advertising mail came out on top as most frequently received. A majority received advertising mail at least monthly.

But they really do focus on packages, with half of them preferring to open packages before any type of mail. But one interesting finding about Generation Z is that they have this emotional connection and enjoyment with mail.

So the Office of Inspector General found that 64% of Gen Z’ers reported they liked writing and mailing cards to their friends and family.

We also compared how they felt about using mail against video chat, email, or texting. And about 80% of Gen Z’ers feel happy when they receive mail. And this is compared to the 60% who are happy with video chatting, email or text. And there was also more excitement with mail with them.

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