Audio – AWOL employees, absent without leave, is a vexing problem for the Postal Service

It’s bad enough when employees don’t show up for work. For the Postal Service, it’s a perpetual problem. Managers can plan and budget for vacations, even contingencies like sick days. But what about absent without leave, or AWOL? This turns out to be a prickly management challenge. For some management lessons learned, the Federal Drive with Tom Temin turned to the Postal Service’s deputy assistant inspector general, Jason Yovich.

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Do you know what I find vexing? The complete apathy for the employee! Has anyone looked into why the employees are AWOL? Is it possible that they don’t feel that they’re being valued enough? Maybe they have a better job, that respects them. Or is it possible that they’re dead! And the only thing that the post office is worried about is having to pay for health insurance when they’re not they are working! if you want to find out why somebody is not coming to work, maybe you should ask them! For all you know, they could be kidnapped… Read more »

Kidnapped? Ha! Ok buddy. They just don’t want to work. Hate to tell you that…