Attorney General Josh Shapiro vows to fight Postal Service changes after meeting with Lehigh Valley workers

Standing outside the Teamsters Local 773 union hall in Whitehall Township where he met Monday afternoon with workers from three postal unions, Shapiro said he’s preparing to fight again for what he called a crucial lifeline for Pennsylvania residents.

“The Postal Service I view as a tradition and a promise that wherever you live in this nation, from the quiet country roads to main streets and big cities, you have access to the goods and services that you need through the mail,” he said.

DeJoy in March announced a 10-year plan that he said could end more than a decade of financial losses for the Postal Service and help it avoid additional projected losses of $160 billion by cutting post office hours, relaxing delivery standards so that mail takes longer and other cost-cutting measures.


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Translated the attorney general is trying to say don’t interrupt the gravy train for the exceedingly overpaid , and significantly too many, mid-level and upper-level management at the post office who will fight tooth and nail against any change that could upset the cart.

Just what you’d expect from a Democrat. “We’ve been doing it this way for decades and it’s been failing miserably. What should we do. Well keep doing it the same way”