As USPS delivery issues continue, morale among postal workers is down

Last spring, Julion told the I-Team, “We have been advocating to the postal service that they need to hire more carriers. Until we get a carrier on every assignment it’s not going to get better.”

But things aren’t better.

Long lines of customers have persisted at post offices.

Julion said a customer recently tried to punch a letter carrier over delayed mail.

“Unfortunately customers, tend to take it out on the letter carriers they somehow think it’s our fault or that we are slacking off but letter carriers are working twice as hard right now,” he said.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy recently suspended his controversial cost cutting measures until after the election.

“I understand what he saying that we won’t do anything to make it worse, but my question is what are you going to do to make it better in Chicago,” Julion said.

Julion said that carriers are now being forced to start their routes later because, according to postal management, they aren’t able to get the mail to the stations at the usual earlier times.

“Carriers out there on the street later and the later you are out there the greater possibility of something bad happening,” he said.

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hire more carriers for sure but instead he cuts overtime guy is a moron

That is Bullsh*t, he did not cut OT. Get your facts straight, not from the crazy left Hiden Biden.

Says who? The directive sent down came from him not Biden! A candidate doesn’t make rules about our job

Since DeJoy took over, I’ve got more OT. Make sure you put new batteries in your headlamps before Nov 1.

Go ahead a vote 4 trump,say goodby to your job,dumba…

Only a quarter of letter carriers want overtime despite the no overtime order we have been on 12 hour mandatory overtime days since the toilet paper shortages.

Before.12 hours of forced overtime every day, completely deformed my spine.I think overtime should be free. We can’t force people to do it.I hate working overtime!I need to be fit, not tired on the way to work overtime

  • Before 12 hours of forced overtime every day, completely deformed my spine.I think overtime should be Can’t force. We can’t force people to do it.I hate overtime!I need to be A healthy body,I don’t want dead tired on the way to work overtime.

More lies.

The only thing delaying the mail is the incredibly volume of Amazon parcels.

Amazon owns and operates the post office.


U live a a fantasy world,most likely managment wouldnt suprise me.

Amazon cant get their crap right and the post office has been around for how long,come on really you all are getting excited bout Amazon and they cant deliver,drive,or cant even b honest. THEY are stealing your packages as soon as they drop them off and take the pic.
The post office is going anywhere,we are here to stay cuz that’s what we do

Forced overtime on all carriers and seniority means nothing anymore…. forcing creates even more overtime without a full staff!

Are you getting admin days for grieving your forced time out?

Union is swamped with grievances but always settle for the cease and desist no money unfortunately except for your overtime

I agree with u on that,used to be u had the years in they would leave u alone,NOW doesnt matter

no experience in the Post office, and no time served in the military! Time for 11BP, give me ten mins alone with the pussy who got daddy’s company.

He didn’t cut OT but he’s definitely trying to help DUMPY sabotage mail in voting GET your head out of the sand

Or,your ass.

I recently retired from the USPS after 33 1/2 years. The job used to be fun, you interacted with customers and you got your route done in a timely manner. Now, it’s all about how fast the carriers can get done so they can take more work. I feel sorry for the new hires. Management runs them into the ground all day. As I tell everyone, “screw them with their own dick”, meaning, USPS made the rules for delivery. They would like you do it that way, but they don’t you to because it takes longer and it’s safer. USPS… Read more »

Trying to make it 40 yrs,i have 38 now, but i might get out if the bullshit continues,after all of the old guys are gone, its going to be crazy, and they will have to depend on CCAs now thats funny.

Morale is no different in AR than its ever been. We’re coming in at 745 cause the clerks can’t get the pkgs thrown fast enough and mgmt bitches about office time. Then they lecture us on uniforms. Look nice while we sweat. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Waiting to see DeJoy deal with Congress on financially rewarding those who gave to the GOP. That could be his demise. If Biden wins, he’s prolly gone anyway. Not like he needs the dough or headaches.

If people would actually do their jobs, and not half ass everything because the union will protect your job, then the postal service wouldn’t be in a shit position. Why is it one out of 10 postal offices is actually successful?
My guess would be the buddy system in management, they all collect checks and don’t give a damn, which trickles down to every carrier and clerk. Have a terrible carrier or clerk, good luck getting rid of them. Terrible post matter? No matter how much one complains nothing changes.

Make 204sobs carriers again,sweet revenge

Yes yes and yes!!

We have junior asses telling us what to do,no respect,get rid of them all.

Same 4 people with the 5 years service are experienced and expert’s on all things delivery and can be 204b and save the post office lol

Oh they know what they are doing lol

Hey Dumb Ass’s! I work for the USPS! I am getting tons of overtime! This is a banner year for employees! Another 6 figure year for me! A mailhandler! I can work 7 days a week and 16 hr days if I want. THE MEDIA IS FAKE NEWS, the propaganda arm of the Democrat/ Socialist/ Communist party. While you are all home we are working. Unlike teachers who are losers, DO YOUR JOB GO TO WORK !

U my friend are a asshole,maybe if u got off your ass down at the plant and did a real job like a carrier and had to deliver the mail,then and only then u could say something,and go ahead vote for trump see hoe long your fucking job lasts,oh go work for Amazon see how long u last there,

Hey loser if you dont like being a carrier why did you not go for another job, are you that stupid? I have been a custodian , a level 17 account rep, a level 19 account rep, and a level 23 national account rep with the usps, I have made the most money as a level 4 mailhandler with Lots of overtime!

Big talk from a little man,come with me 1 day and i will show u what real work is

Well i guess those other jobs didnt work out the way u thought they would,now just a lowly mailhandler,u realy advanced yourself

Speak for yourself. You don’t have the luxury of touching Amazon and UPS pkgs all day long while slanging mail. Have some respect for yourself and your company 1st instead of talking Shyt about people like what you’re doing is so grand. Every position is important. Just stfu and make your pesos

Badges we do need no stiking badges

Si si

Mr battery guy.headlamps are not approved equipment. Get hurt using them and watch how your claim is not approved by Owcp. Dismounting is the safest way to deliver in the dark. Take the time for safety. They might change your start time. Safety is YOUR responsibility

That’s what I’m saying,you got people talking and they don’t even know lol just shows people are just chisme

Im a CCA I carry 2 routes so I thank the guys that call in sick or just lazy to show up

Carry 2 routes your an idiot ! You will not last till retirement. Mgt. Will always expect you to work like that and eventually you wont be able to

These are all Fake News. I work for the USPS and I will do 6 figures this year, AGAIN, as a mailhandler. We have all the OVERTIME WE WANT!

Just got my package which was marked fragile and glass.It was destroyed,clearly it had been thrown with force on the ground multiple times.Later i found out severl items had been removed from my package, nothing like a thief in the postal service.I’m pissed,of course I’m not getting any response from the USPS.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mike

Good maybe u can get this guys package to him in 1 piece

here in rural nc, its 90% amazon packages that causes us to be late. Amazon cant even be on time for their trucks arrival times. one day Amazon never showed we were all done on time and did much needed care for the routes.

What we need are more carriers and clerks! Most of us don’t give a Shyt about overtime. We’re Forced into OVERTIME. Most of us are working 12hr days and only getting paid for 8hrs because somehow they can’t get it together at the plant and pkgs such as Amazon and UPS which also is mostly diverted from Amazon are more important than the mail or svcs we provide. I guess quantity is more important than quality. Damn the overtime

I agree with you 100%,how many times do u have to leave without your dps because it isnt ready and they make the driver leave and take what he has only to go back and pick it up,then we have to go back and get the dps and finish the route,no back tracking,double mail day 2maro.

Quit promoting morons!!

Morale is down? Gee, you’re breakin’ my heart…I’m 66; I hope I live long enough to see the USPS dissolved. Worthless government parasites.