As coronavirus cases at the US Postal Service surpass 1,200, employees say a lack of supplies and care is putting them at risk


  • Confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus have surpassed 1,200 at the United States Postal Service, which logged a mere 51 cases less than a month ago. More than 30 employees have died.
  • In emails to Business Insider, USPS employees claimed a lack of sanitation supplies, sick pay, and care from supervisors.
  • One employee said a supervisor coughed in the direction of a coworker “as a joke.” The USPS told Business Insider that the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued an inquiry into the claim, and that after the USPS responded, “OSHA closed the matter without further inspection.”
  • The USPS has established safety and leave policies during the pandemic, but employees and unions have said those policies aren’t being carried out everywhere.


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