APWU Workers Testify During Interest Arbitration Hearings

During the interest arbitration hearings on September 24 and 25, the APWU brought members from the workroom floor to testify to the Arbitration Board, providing details about many aspects of their job including responsibilities, working conditions, training requirements, and staffing concerns. Their testimony showed postal workers’ deep commitment to the postal mission of service to all the people of this country.

A total of 28 postal employees testified on six panels, separated by craft and job type. The Clerk Craft panels were Mail Processing and Retail Clerks, the Maintenance Panels were Mail Processing Equipment and Building Maintenance, and MVS panels were PVS Drivers (MVOs/TTOs) and Vehicle Maintenance.

Before witnesses testified, each craft director introduced their respective panels by giving an overview of responsibilities and laying out the issues their members faced in the workplace.

“Every member should be proud of your co-workers,” said President Mark Dimondstein. “Through their eloquent testimony it was crystal clear that postal workers are skilled public servants, deeply dedicated to our jobs, to the mission of the public Postal Service – and who deserve to be well-compensated and well-treated with a good union contract.”


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