APWU – Tackling Workplace Harassment

The newly formed Workplace Environment Committee met on July 11-12 at the Tommy Douglass Center in Silver Spring, MD to correlate mediums, methods and procedures to deal with employee-employer relations on the workroom floor.

Established by Industrial Relations Director Vance Zimmerman, the Committee deliberated on the union’s continuing efforts to address the real harm – both physical and psychological – that is cause by managerial harassment.

The Committee exchanged methods and means to deal with egregious mistreatment of workers, including bullying and intimidation of postal employees.

Views were exchanged on the ancillary impacts of poor staffing, lack of managerial training and accountability.

Existing resources – legal, regulatory and contractual regulations – were examined. Deliberations revealed a real need for employees to be proactive in order to address abusive aggressions facing many of the nation’s postal workers.

“Brothers and sisters, it is so important that you report any type of harassment or unwarranted behavior at the work place. You DO have the right to work in a hostile-free environment,” said Barbara Vaughns, Houston Area Local Clerk Craft Director.

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