APWU Statement on Derek Chauvin’s Conviction

Yesterday, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted in the May 2020 murder of George Floyd.

Last year, APWU President Mark Dimondstein, Executive Vice-President Debby Szeredy and Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Powell urged postal workers “to speak out, protest and demand justice for George Floyd’s family and community as part of the broader struggle of ‘liberty and justice for all.’”

While yesterday’s verdict means this officer will be held accountable for his actions, our long struggle for justice must continue.

Below is a strong statement issued yesterday by Minnesota AFL-CIO President Bill McCarthy:

“Derek Chauvin has been held accountable for murdering George Floyd. While we celebrate today’s verdict, we have so much work ahead of us in order to build a more just state and nation for everyone. Black Minnesotans continue to face police violence. George Floyd and Daunte Wright should still be alive today.

“As Minnesotans, we must continue working so that whether we’re Black or White, Latino or Asian, Indigenous or newcomer, our families are safe, our voices are heard, and our rights are respected.

“The Minnesota AFL-CIO is committed to building a more inclusive Labor Movement by listening to and elevating the voices of Minnesota’s Black union members as we work to reimagine public safety.

“The Minnesota AFL-CIO and affiliated unions will continue our work to bring racial and economic justice to all workers in our state. That means higher wages through more union jobs, fully funded schools in every zip code, reliable & affordable housing, more access to high quality affordable healthcare, and reimagining public safety in our communities. We must come together as a movement to do this work. We must stand united.”

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Doesn’t the union have anything better to do than to get involved in this sensational garbage?

Bill-you are correct. Two PO’s were destroyed along with many other stores, etc. Unions will always fight the hardest to protect losers. That is what I learned in my almost 40 years of experience at the USPS. And people buy it!