APWU National Executive Board to USPS Board of Governors – ‘Not So Fast!’

The Postmaster General’s (PMG) 10-year “business plan” was leaked to the press on Tuesday, June 18. It is clear management wants the burden of balancing their books on the backs of postal workers and the public.

The PMG and the Postal Board of Governors want to impose $18 billion of cuts to workers’ rights and benefits by slashing postal workers’ sick and vacation leave, as well as raising current workers retirement contributions, eliminating federal retirement benefits for future workers, and subcontracting more postal jobs to the private sector. Their plan includes significant service cuts to the American public.

The APWU National Executive Board met on Wednesday, June 19, and voted to mobilize and advance the union’s strategic plan and develop bold counter-measures for a robust future of the Postal Service.

“Instead of improving and expanding service, management’s plan undermines the needs of our communities and guts the benefits of the employees who service postal patrons,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “It’s outrageous.”

The union is mobilizing resources, officers and staff to provide a plan to postal workers, the American public and Congress. This plan will help create a robust Postal Service able to meet the needs of our communities, and protect postal workers’ employment and retirement rights.

The APWU stands ready to ensure that vital services and job security are not sacrificed, even by our so-called management.


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“It is clear management wants the burden of balancing their books on the backs of postal workers and the public.”

I think that perhaps the PMG and Postal Board of Governors should look in the MIRROR to save costs for the Post Office.

Seriously? We have to provide our own vehicle…insurance…maintenance…..we bust our chops everyday to earn our pay and uphold the name of the postal service….all the while knowing that the waste of money is at the top levels and government bureaucracies….the postal service is an upside down triangle with customers and workers at the bottom.

Those who are planning and scheduling hours are the main reason for the dilemma! Government has been so busy taking funds from the postal coffers and applying it to other government agencies,they have overlooked the fact that the USPS even exists which goes down on the backs of those who are still working for the agency. Yes, the cutback in employees who are trying to keep up with the workload and don’t view their jobs as an “entitlement” just because it is a “government job” have become fewer, thus taking extra time off, and not showing up for their designated… Read more »