APWU National Executive Board Response to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s Destructive Policy Changes

The Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 is clear: “The United States Postal Service shall be operated as a basic fundamental service provided to the people by the Government of the United States, authorized by the Constitution, created by Act of Congress and supported by the people. The Postal Service shall have as its basic function the obligation to provide postal services to bind the Nation together…It shall provide prompt, reliable and efficient services to patrons in all areas and shall render postal services to all communities.”

Postal workers are extremely dedicated to this mission of connecting and serving people, individuals and businesses alike. We treat the mail as if it were our own. We never leave mail behind. From one end of the country to the other, and in every community, this is how we work. Our commitment is exemplified by the heroism of front line essential postal workers during this dangerous and challenging pandemic.

Little wonder that the public, no matter their political affiliations, fully trusts postal workers and the Postal Service with a 91% favorability rating.

The new Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, a multi-millionaire businessman who knows little of the inner-workings of the public Postal Service, has been in office just a little over one month. Yet without consultation or input from any of the postal unions, postal customers or mailing community he has launched a series of actions that will undermine the postal service and are an insult to every postal worker, every postal craft and every postal customer.

These initial actions include reducing hours in retail units including Saturday closings, delaying mail, slowing down service, further removal of mail processing equipment, arbitrarily reducing work hours and eliminating overtime. With an already understaffed operation, reducing hours and overtime can only lead to severely delayed mail and packages.

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Nothing but crickets on this subject from NALC. Surprised?! Me either!!! Weak little “union”

NALC already responded. Sorry you missed it.

Considering they didn’t respond til two days after my comment no need for you to be sorry I missed anything. Unless they had an earlier response? If they did, then yes I missed it. Searched all over the NALC web site and nothing was there.

In my small corner of the NALC the mandated overtime is a much bigger problem than overtime opportunities for those who desire it.

How about we give the new PMG a chance. He is looking to make changes to Postal Service operations. Apparently current operations are netting the USPS billions of dollars in losses. When you are on a course for imminent failure, why not take a chance and change course?

The postal service has always been just that, a service to bind the nation together. It was never meant to be a profit making organization, and thanks to the federal government, they have made sure that it couldn’t even pay for itself. Time was the postal service did make a little profit, but congress didn’t like that so they mandated bankruptcy. When service is all you have to offer, it is business suicide to cut that. How about the new pmg learn something about the history and mission of the post office before he makes drastic changes. Of course if… Read more »

Our new PMG has lots of experience in making millions of dollars working with the USPS over the last few decades. How else could he support our corrupt president of the USA. Our millionaires need more resources to milk America dry again!

Have you work for the postal office if not please don’t said a word

It is called th United States Postal “SERVICE”
Should be no other discussion, this is no place for a buisness man who has no interest in keeping the service around. He is a Trump puppet sent to dismantle and privatization so all the millionairs can become billionairs .

ESAS does not conform to the contract. The EPM program, listed in M-39, M-41, does conform

Hey Clayton do you have any idea why the Postal service is losing billions it’s because it had to pre fund 75 years worth of retirees health benefits in ten years. It’s ten only company ever to have to do it thanks to president bush. The postal service has met its operating costs the last 6 years and if not for this stupid mandate we would be fine. So no let’s not give a private sector former mail industry big wig who now is in charge of the worlds largest and cheapest postal service. He only wants to dismantle it… Read more »

Cancel the prepaid health insurance for people who havent even started working for the post office!

We went from mail delivery to mail warehouse
Charlotte NC

Don’t worry, Informed Delivery will soon take care of everything. Why do you think the PO would come up with such an expensive scheme and login database? Soon the machines will open the mail and scan it. You will not only know whats coming, You can read your mail online, and mark what you want delivered. Which won’t be much. TELL FIVE PEOPLE EVERYDAY! lol

Last edited 2 years ago by Dan

The new pmg has one mission which is to do Trumps directive to destroy the postal service, nothing more.

Exactly what I think he planned and I work for the post office for 6 years and we give it everything we got to get all the mail out for delivery everyday

I’ve worked 24 years for USPS fulltime and we need change or it’s going bankrupt. I hope this guy makes a positive change and Trump knows what he’s doing. Chill

I agree with you. The previous PMG obviously didn’t do a good job. I’ve worked for USPS for 28 years. Its the worst I have ever seen it. Give new guy a chance or we are going belly up

Destroy the post office? We don’t need the new PMG for that. 28 years now and its about time we get someone in here to run it like a business or we are doomed!

Hmm… the Post Office is a Constitutionally protected service. The Air Force is not. It is losing money every day. Time to get them a business plan!

I’ve been with the PO for 30 years. The postal service cannot survive without overtime and I have seen mail processing utilize overtime most everyday that I have been there. So, you think delaying the mail would be a good thing for the customers? This is one of the items the new PMG is proposing. Doesn’t that seem a bit suspicious that the new PMG was a top fund raising contributor to the Trumpster? Doesn’t it seem suspicious that the new PMG owns a company which offers many of the services which the postal service offers? This new proposed idea… Read more »

Tired if drinking the unions Kool Aid!!

Turn off faux news, bubba

The APWU says its an insult to all Postal workers! Speak for your self. You represent the clerks, not all employees! The Union is the problem.

and that is truth! Unions are the down fall of this organization. Its like pulling teeth to get rid of lazy worthless employees

Give back your COLAs and overtime that the union has fought for. Also the back pay from 2018.

I worked 4 the p.o. 30 yrs. There is tremendous waste. Managers pronoted by friends or race. Little 2 no accountability on mgmt. Crines againdt p.o. not reported. Peopme keeping jobs who should be let go. I stood up against this 4 30 yrs. Glad 2 b gone. Big changes r needed. An e ery individual should b helad a. Ountable. No matter eho tbey r. Fix that n the p.o. can survive. There r actually people there who do appreciate their job.

are you drunk?

We did at one time curtail 3rd class, do it again ,, cut costs by getting rid of bloated management! I’m sure there is alot of PM like my office your lucky if they show up! Everyone is short staffed and the carriers city and rural are the backbone as well as the distribution clerks! They make or break a day!!! Ohhh and what about VMF ,,,, waiting 2 hrs or more for help of you break down!

on average I work 10 hours a day, not taking lunches and breaks but hard work. By the end of the week there will be so much delayed mail that not only Saturday will continue delivery, Sunday as well.

Pa’must have very clean postal facility. Here in NYC’ I’ve been wearing masks and gloves for 3yrs’ everyday. Don’t get sick anymore. Only difference ‘I wear them outside of house. Protect yourself and others. Most people are asymptomatic Covid positive. Stop the spread. Do u want 2 be the 1 to get real sick or know someone u infected become I’ll from your selfish

The truth is USPS ranks 99th percentile of largest companies whose employees are NOT PERSONALLY ENGAGED with their employer (see paid Gallup poll survey). Most do NOT care what the USPS does or what purpose it serves. 80% of new employees over the last two years, only care about having their phone in their pocket and earbuds in their ears. Their job is the last priority on their schedule. Chronic call offs without penalties and nonproductive employee hours are rampant in this non-profitable environment.

This is not a company. It is a federal service! What does gallup say about the percentile in the Air Force or DHS?

Too many bosses and not enough help..

Amen!!! To many bosses and not enough help, also favoritism, cronyism and management just don’t know allow their favorite to text, talk on phone, eat while working, sleep on job, hostile, bullying, oh well God is in control and God is tired of evil spirits. I welcome our new PMG. My local APWU don’t represent but they get a paycheck.

Mailhandlers Union,

Somebody said Trump knows what he is doing ! Your a joke ! Look what he has done with pandemic ! He will have us all killed ! I’m a 34 year postal carrier If not for the prefunding the Postal service would have made a profit over the Last 10 years……look it up ! If not for the unions Postal Service would have been privatized when Reagan was president and none of this would be relevant in an election year when most states will have more vote by mail than ever. Person man female tv camera ! Enough said… Read more »

Well put!

send a few union guys to adjust dejoy attitude; maybe brakes fail and 18 wheeler semis crash into his mansions in d.c and in greensboro; stop being pussies bullhorns screaming in his face mak his life a daily nightmare until he’s gone. anything he finds near and dearto him must be destroyerd; teach him humanity and end this insanity no cops no military will do anytning as they also hate these mother fuckers mnuchin next