APWU: Members Are Asking…

Members have legitimate questions and deserve factual answers. “Why are we facing interest arbitration for a new contract when there was a tentative agreement?” “What was in it?” “Why didn’t I get a vote?” “When am I receiving raises and my next COLA?”

Some background: As lead negotiator, my goal was to find a principled path to a negotiated contract, thus keeping members in control of our destiny. The National Negotiating Committee believed the best path forward was to seek a two-year extension of the 2015-2018 union contract. Last December, the APWU and USPS reached a “Tentative Agreement” (TA) that extended the contract, until September 20, 2020, with some work-rule changes.

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After reviewing the TA I’m in favor of it. Unfortunately we went to arbitration, hopefully it will lead to a better deal.