APWU: Interest Arbitration Update: Management’s Financial Presentations

Today, management made presentations on pattern bargaining, comparability of job classifications between USPS and private sector companies, demographics of the bargaining units, as well as information about postal benefits.

Management attempted to compare APWU members’ jobs with those of private sector competitors.

However, the APWU’s cross-examination highlighted the difference between the varied and highly skilled tasks performed by APWU members and the work of the often-lower paid private-sector jobs.

It also became clear in questions from APWU’s team, that USPS management was relying on unverified salary comparison websites to gather much of its private-sector salary data.

Tomorrow, USPS will continue its presentations. APWU will present evidence next week on Tuesday Oct. 15 and Wednesday 16.

Stay union strong and union proud! Wear stickers, union gear and wristbands to show management the APWU is united in our fight for a Good Contract NOW!


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