APWU Interest Arbitration Update: Management Believes Clerks Too Well Paid

In today’s Interest Arbitration session, USPS Management presented evidence on wages and benefits.

In the morning session, their main witness characterized USPS postal clerks as under-skilled and over-paid as they sought to justify their demands to expand the two-tier workforce, push down wages and abolish COLAs.

In the afternoon, a second management witness made similar arguments justifying reducing health care, leave and retirement benefits.

APWU will respond with further witnesses in the coming days to refute management’s arguments and highlight the valuable work carried out by skilled APWU members.

In the face of these attacks on our standard of living and commitment to providing high quality service to the US public, it is more important than ever that we show our solidarity. Wear your union gear and stickers and add the #GoodContractNOW Facebook profile frame to show your union pride.

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I think the majority of supervisors and postmasters are under-skilled and way over-paid.
Our Postmaster is dumb as a rock.

Got that right! I deal daily with a clerk that refuses to do anymore than she has to..sits on her a$$ reading a book or on her phone looking at Facebook until she hears the front door open. I wish it would be possible to set up a camera and catch her in the act. PM knows about it and nothing changes..