APWU: Interest Arbitration Next Session – APWU Rank and File Witness Panels

During the next session of interest arbitration (Sept. 24-26), postal workers from the workroom floor will serve as key witnesses in front of the arbitration panel.

“We always knew that interest arbitration was a possibility and have been preparing for it since negotiations began,” said President Dimondstein. “Now that it is upon us, in order to get the best contract possible, we are utilizing an outstanding team of economists, attorneys, and – most importantly – APWU members.”

The arbitration preparation process included hundreds of rank and file surveys and interviews, training local members to interview their fellow workers in their respective areas about the work they do and to identify potential witnesses. Those potential witnesses, who are APWU members right off the workroom floor, were then brought to APWU headquarters for meetings in preparation of testifying.

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Diamondstein doesn’t have much leverage in these negotiations…the clerk job has been dumbed down so much, a trained chimp could do the job… he’s going to get his ass handed to him this go round.