APWU Bargaining Unit employees can now join the APWU online.

We are excited to announce that current APWU Bargaining Unit employees may now join the APWU online.

This is a perfect opportunity for APWU members to organize everyone in one quick, easy step. Help your coworkers to join the APWU from their phone, tablet or personal computer.

Once the online form is submitted, a confirmation email containing the completed 1187 will be emailed to both the new member and the Organization Department. In addition, the Department will be mailing Local and State Organizations a copy of the 1187.

New members will have immediate access to their Local and/or State contact information, however full access to the Members Only Section of the website, usually won’t occur until the next business day.

The option to complete and mail, email or fax the Form 1187 is still available.

A guide is available for review/download to aide you in assisting others in the “join online” process. Should you have questions or encounter any issues with joining the APWU online, please contact Anna Smith, Organization Director at organization@apwu.org or call (202) 842-4227.

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