APWU: Arbitration Hearings and Testimony Conclude

The American Postal Workers Union and United States Postal Service management conducted a final three-day session of interest arbitration Nov. 13-15. The week’s proceedings saw the conclusion of evidence submission and witness testimony in the interest arbitration hearings for a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

With the hearings complete, the Arbitration Panel will now begin its deliberations.

APWU Responds to Management

The majority of the final three-day session was spent on APWU’s rebuttal of management’s attacks in earlier hearings.

The APWU presented testimony from Motor Vehicle Service Craft Director Michael Foster, Clerk Craft Director Lamont Brooks and Maintenance Craft Director Idowu Balogun.

The national craft directors refuted management’s efforts to reinstate PSEs into Maintenance and MVS, subcontract out more work and add more management “flexibility” that would undermine seniority bidding rights, hours of work and set schedules.

Motor Vehicle Service Director Michael Foster responded to management’s regressive proposals for PVS operators. Among those proposals was a management attempt to do away with bidding on specific schedules when bidding on duty assignments, and allow supervisors to substantially modify duty assignments on a weekly basis.


Clerk Craft Director Lamont Brooks addressed USPS management’s attacks on clerks’ work and our demand for better staffing in the Clerk Craft. Director Balogun rebutted Postal Management’s attempts to carve out exceptions to Line H. “APWU members are rightly outraged at postal management’s attacks on them,” said Industrial Relations Director, Vance Zimmerman. “In these final interest arbitration sessions, we showed exactly how highly skilled and dedicated our members are.”

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“How highly skilled and dedicated our members are”…. please dude… any bum off the street could be trained to do the clerk job in fifteen minutes.