Another LLV Fire

I found references to a couple of places in NC on the instagram feed, but I am not totally sure of the location.

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Is the carrier ok?

Read the subtitle on the picture.

Another death trap gone…

That looks like the inside caught on fire. The circuit board?

Did they have those when these were made? ?

I guess eventually they will all be gone. ???

Death traps

Mine smokes on and off. Always has a bad burning smell. Not oil, not sure what it is. Turn it in…… answer is always nothing wrong.

Need to put it on a patch to help with that addiction. ?


Maybe you could suggest vaping? They say it’s a healthier alternative. Lol

Y was the llv pulled into a driveway n not backed in as is required. Not supposed to b in driveways but if u have to it supposed to back into them so u can pull straight out and see where ur going.

I was just going to say about the driveway can you say post master office visit for that carrier.

It probably was burning when said carrier pulled into drive way to keep the burning LLV off the street. I know if mine is burning I am not going to be thinking how it SHOULD be done.

These accident only become safety talk for the week. After that we can all go to hell

I’ve lost count. How many have there been so far this year?

They may have a circle driveway.

aint no problem,,got a new one to slide on the wheels waiting

Annnnd my supervisor thinks he can acquire an LLV for our new Aux rt. ROFLMAO. If this keeps up, the PO will be taking them from rural routes to give to City rts and we’ll all be on POV rts again lol.

Sure would be nice to know origin of these fires.

I guess a mailman has to get injured before USPS will take any notice of these fires.